Ford BF with LTD

Front and wheels, Deep Glass Tailgate, Side glass curved into the roof. Dual coffin tray with extra lighting.
zIMG_0037 zIMG_0041_1 zIMG_0048

Holden Hearse

Holden Hearse WM Statesmen standard roofline. Features include: side opening glass, dual coffin tray, swing out bearer tray.
IMG_0129 IMG_0115

Chrysler Hearse

Chrysler 300C Wagon.
Features include: Dual cab, high roof, swing out bearer tray.
IMG_0071 IMG_0108

2005 Mercedes Vito Hearse

Side opening glass. Door either side to cargo area. Solid headboard with glass divider and curtains. Side skirts. Dual coffin tray. Tailgate glass to match the line of the side opening glass. Huge rear space to allow for large coffins and floral arrangements.

WM Statesman Single Cab

Features include dual coffin tray with rubber rollers. Stainless steel flower boxes.
Formica coffin tray. Custom sloping rear.
2007VEHICLE0041 2007VEHICLE0331 2007VEHICLE0091

Extra High Roof 2 Door Ford Hearse

LTD front and rear. 17″ wheels. Side opening glass.
Dual coffin tray.