2020 Chrysler 300C.

Extra High Roof. Side opening glass. Premium Coffin Tray.


XF Jaguar. Single Cab.


Genesis G80. Dual Cab Hearse.


Ford XR8 Sprint Hearse. Custom Tailgate.


Volkswagon Multivan Hearse. Side Opening Glass. Large Storage Drawer.


Holden Caprice Single Cab.


Holden Single Cab Hearse. Single Coffin Bed.




Holden Dual Cab Hearse. Opening side glass.



Volkswagon Multivan Hearse. Large glass all round. Storage under coffin bed.



Holden Hearse. Dual Cab. Premium coffin bed with carpet floor and vinyl side boxes.

Dual Cab Holden. Side opening glass.


Mercedes-Benz Vito Van.

Holden Dual Cab hearse. Premium Dual coffin tray.


Single Cab Holden. Premium Dual coffin tray. Side opening glass.


Holden Dual Cab hearse. Polished Stainless steel side boxes. Rear pull-out roller.


Holden Dual Cab hearse. Sliding glass cabin divider. Large cargo area. Side opening glass.


Holden Single Cab hearse. Custom fleet colour. Rear pull-out roller .


Holden Dual Cab hearse. Single coffin tray. Side opening glass.


Holden Calais. Cargo door protector mat. Swing out trolley tray. Folder Holder.

IMG_3469 (1024x766)  IMG_3482 (1024x747)  IMG_3480 (1024x768)  IMG_3471 (1024x756)  IMG_3475 (1024x729)

Holden VF Evoke. Premium Dual Coffin Tray. Side Opening Glass.

IMG_3577  IMG_3579  IMG_3560  IMG_3562  IMG_3552

Ford G6E with Premium Dual Coffin Tray. Swing out coffin trolley tray.

IMG_3320 (1024x746)  IMG_3403 (1024x753)  2017-03-16 014 (1024x766)  IMG_3321 (1024x754)  IMG_3405 (1024x741)

Custom Roofline Holden. Dual Coffin Tray.

IMG_3237 (1024x757)  IMG_3223 (1024x754)   IMG_3243 (1024x755) IMG_3239 (1024x696)   IMG_3241 (1024x767)

Holden High Roof with Single Coffin Tray. Pearl Paint.

IMG_3142 (1024x745)  IMG_3139 (1024x765)  IMG_3124 (1024x768)  IMG_3134 (1024x766)  IMG_3128 (1024x763)

Dual Cab, Holden High Roof, Single Coffin Bed.

IMG_3040 (1024x768)  IMG_3038 (1024x754)  IMG_3041 (1024x747)  IMG_3030 (1024x768)  IMG_2981 (1024x764)

Single Cab, High Roof

IMG_3139 (1024x768)  IMG_3117 (1024x768)  IMG_3119 (1024x768)    IMG_3127 (1024x768)  IMG_3134 (1024x768)

Holden High Roof, Caprice Front, Side Opening Glass

IMG_1440  IMG_1456  IMG_1459    IMG_1466

Holden High Roof, Single Cab

IMG_2823 (1024x768)  IMG_2814 (1024x768)  IMG_2812 (1024x768)  IMG_2807 (1024x768)

The Twins, built 7 years apart.

Left is the brand new hearse, while the one to the right was built 2009.


2016 Holden. Curved side glass into an extra high roof-line. Raised coffin bed. Carpet bumper protector.

IMG_2372 (1024x768)   IMG_2347 (1024x768)   IMG_2305 (1024x768)  IMG_2380 (1024x768)   IMG_2393 (1024x768)  IMG_2395 (768x1024)

Ford Single Cab with swing out coffin trolley tray.

IMG_1369 (1024x748)  IMG_1326 (1024x760)  IMG_1359 (1024x761)  IMG_1345 (1024x768)


Holden Dual Cab hearse with slide out trolley tray and dual coffin bed.

IMG_1667 (1024x767)  IMG_1598 (1024x748)  IMG_1587 (1024x768)  IMG_1644 (1024x768)  IMG_1675 (756x1024)


Ford G6E with side opening glass.

IMG_2497 (1024x768)   IMG_2482 (1024x768)  IMG_2490 (1024x768)  IMG_2471 (1024x768)

Ford G6E.

IMG_1972 (1024x768)  IMG_1764 (1024x768)  IMG_1937 (1024x768)  IMG_2035 (1024x768) IMG_2052 (1024x768)

2016 Holden with side opening glass and Caprice upgrade.

IMG_2063 (1024x768)  IMG_2066 (1024x768)  IMG_2059 (1024x768)  IMG_2035 (1024x768)


2016 Holden with Caprice front and wheels

IMG_1475 (1024x575)      IMG_1431 (1024x565)  IMG_1461 (1024x575)  IMG_1449 (575x1024)


Hyundai Genesis 2015

IMG_0719 (1024x768) IMG_0722 (1024x752) IMG_0643 (1024x766) IMG_0723 (767x1024) IMG_0685 (1024x762)

Holden standard roofline, single cab hearse.

IMG_0427 (1024x749) IMG_0420 (1024x768) IMG_0394 (1024x768) IMG_0411 (1024x766)

Ford G6E Hearse. High roof, Rear kick-out, Dual coffin tray.

IMG_0111 (1024x767) IMG_0106 (1024x727) IMG_0409 (1024x765) IMG_0114 (1024x768) IMG_0095IMG_0095IMG_0095IMG_0095 (1024x755)

Mercedes-Benz 250 CDI hearse. 2014 model. Side opening glass.

Turbo diesel. Leather trim. Reverse camera. Electric seats, mirrors, etc.

IMG_1217 (1024x742) IMG_1301 (1024x750) IMG_1259 (1024x751) IMG_1211 (1024x769)

Holden VF Evoke Hearse with standard roofline.

IMG_1095 (1024x768) IMG_1112 (1024x755) IMG_1120 (1024x768) IMG_1118 (1024x759) IMG_1084 (1024x768)

Holden dual cab. Dual coffin tray, side opening glass.

IMG_0001 (640x480) IMG_0008 (640x480) IMG_0010 (2) (640x480) IMG_0045 (2) (640x480)

Holden dual cab. Clear glass cabin divider.

2014-06-30 010 - Copy (1024x755) 2014-06-30 015 (1024x766)  2014-06-30 022 (1024x767)

Holden dual cab. Feature lights. Premium coffin tray.

 IMG_0001 (1024x768) IMG_0017 - Copy (1024x757) IMG_0059 (1024x767) IMG_0048 - Copy (1024x766)

Dual cab Holden. Lighting in coffin tray. Opening glass.

 IMG_0057 - Copy  IMG_0077 (1024x766)  IMG_0096 (1024x757) IMG_0066 - Copy (1024x767) IMG_0072 - Copy (1024x744)

Holden Hearse. Dual cab, side opening glass. Custom paint.

IMG_0061 (1024x753) IMG_0095 (1024x764) IMG_0092 (2) (1024x768) IMG_0108 (1024x743)

VF Calais hearse. Side opening glass. Custom lights and curtains.

A IMGP2639   A IMGP2646  A IMGP2657 IMGP2639IMGP2630

Holden Hearse. Pearl White Paint. Caprice Options

21733 right side 21733 right side open 21733 left side 21733 right rear

Single Cab Holden Hearse with Caprice Options

28414 front right 28414 left rear 28414 Right rear open 28414 Right side

FG Falcon Economical Hearse Fitted with G6E Front

44632 front right 44632 rear 44632 front left

VF Calais Dual Cab

36236 left 36236 left rear open 36236 bed 36236 rear

VF Holden Dual Cab

38533 full front 38533 rear 38533 bed

VF Dual Cab Hearse

43495 edit 3 43495 edit 6 43495 edit 4 43495 edit 5 43495 edit 7

Holden VF with Custom Sloped Tailgate. Calais Front

HH edit 3 HH edit 2 HH edit HH edit 1

Dual Cab Hearse. Caprice Front and Wheels

50830 edit 50830 edit 2 50830 edit 1

Economical Hearse Based on Falcon FG Cab-Chassis

58011 edit 5 58011 edit 58011 edit 6

Holden VF Single Cab with Caprice Front and Wheels

76695 edit 76695 edit 4 76695 edit 3

Black Dual Cab Holden Hearse

001 002 003

Dual Cab Holden Hearse

001 002 003 004

Black Dual Cab Holden Hearse

001 002 003

Dual Cab Holden Hearse

002 001

Holden VF Calais Hearse


2013 Ford Falcon G6E

0094 0052 0049